Food and Drink - Recipes, Inspiration (2024)

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Food and Drink - Recipes, Inspiration (26)

Even if they’re well-meaning, these remarks can make some people feel judged, shamed and self-conscious.

Food and Drink - Recipes, Inspiration (27)

Gastro doctors and dietitians explain how your diet may be making your bathroom problems worse.

Food and Drink - Recipes, Inspiration (28)

Changing your diet can make a huge difference in kidney stone formation and recurrence.

Food and Drink - Recipes, Inspiration (29)

And it costs absolutely nothing but a few minutes of patience.

Food and Drink - Recipes, Inspiration (30)

You already know drinking coffee late in the day can keep you up. But you’ll be surprised at these sneaky sleep disruptors.

Food and Drink - Recipes, Inspiration (31)

A fast food copycat, peanut butter ramen and two different versions of garlicky chicken.

Food and Drink - Recipes, Inspiration (32)

Celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern is asking you to save them.

Food and Drink - Recipes, Inspiration (33)

GI experts break down exactly why alcohol can trigger diarrhea, fecal urgency and other unpleasant side effects.

Food and Drink - Recipes, Inspiration (34)

We asked three top longevity experts what’s in their grocery carts. Here’s what they told us.

Food and Drink - Recipes, Inspiration (35)

Do you even know how many milligrams you eat per day?

Food and Drink - Recipes, Inspiration (36)

These are the dishes first- and second-generation Chinese restaurant kids know not to order.

Food and Drink - Recipes, Inspiration (37)

Lacking access to culturally appropriate foods can contribute to shame, mental health concerns and a loss of identity.

Food and Drink - Recipes, Inspiration (38)

There’s good news, and there’s bad news.

Food and Drink - Recipes, Inspiration (39)

"I came to a realization — there was no representation in food media doing what I do who looked like me — no Black men, no men of color, and no openly queer men."

Food and Drink - Recipes, Inspiration (40)

Some ingredients can regulate your hormones, while others only provide temporary relief before sending you crashing.

Food and Drink - Recipes, Inspiration (41)

Plant-based eating is more popular than ever, but does completely giving up animal products have more of an impact than the Mediterranean diet?

Food and Drink - Recipes, Inspiration (42)

Google shared the most uniquely searched game day dips across the U.S.

Food and Drink - Recipes, Inspiration (43)

Straight from the mouths of cardiologists and a heart health nutritionist.

Food and Drink - Recipes, Inspiration (44)

Culinary traditions aside, registered dietitians share how to decide between them if you're thinking strictly about nutrition.

Food and Drink - Recipes, Inspiration (45)

We asked people on a plant-based diet to share the most annoying misconceptions and experiences they've encountered.

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Food and Drink - Recipes, Inspiration (2024)


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