Dutch Oven Monkey Bread Recipe (2024)

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We love to cook and bake outdoors, especially in our dutch ovens. On a recent camping trip, we baked a batch of Monkey Bread in the dutch oven for our brunch. They were so easy to make and turned out so yummy!This dutch oven Monkey Bread recipe is a great one to make with kids since they can help roll the dough balls and shake the bag of spices to coat the dough balls. Little A is only four years old and she had a blast helping to make the Monkey Bread!The weather is still pretty chilly around here since it is only early spring in Montana but that doesn’t stop us from going camping or baking in our dutch ovens! On our recent camping trip, we built a campfire first thing in the morning so we could sit nearby to stay warm as the sun rose and the day warmed up a bit. We used our campfire to heat up the charcoal briquettes and opened up one side of our campfire ring to place the coals and the dutch oven while it baked.

In case you’re new here, you might have missed our tips on how to bake off grid in a dutch oven, how we love to bake most of our Thanksgiving dinner outdoors in dutch ovens and even baked our pies in the dutch ovens outside when the temperature was in the 20’s outside! We have more dutch oven recipes we love to bake that we’ll be sharing on the blog over the next few months so stay tuned for more recipes.

Dutch Oven Monkey Bread Recipe

Our Monkey Bread recipe uses all ingredients that are made from scratch. A lot of Monkey Bread recipes out there have you buy pre-made dough packed in cans at the grocery store (and they’re also packed with lots of icky ingredients and preservatives!)

We prefer to make our food from scratch so this recipe uses homemade dough. This dough is super easy to make and is actually the dough we also use for making homemade pizza. Since our homemade dough recipe makes a large batch, we had enough dough to bake our Monkey Bread, a big dough ball to take on our camping trip to make dutch oven pizza (recipe coming soon!) and one big dough ball to stick in the freezer at home for a future meal. Here’s our recipe for making the homemade dough.

Supplies needed:
14″ Dutch oven with legs

-charcoal briquettes or hot coals

-parchment paper (this is the kind we use since it is unbleached)

-bread dough from this recipe

-1/2 cup sugar

-1/2 cup brown sugar

-3 TBS cinnamon

-6 TBS butter sliced into thin pieces

1. Pour the cinnamon, sugar and brown sugar into a gallon size plastic bag. We like to use a zip top bag to get a good seal on top before shaking so we don’t end up with a big mess.

2. Tear the dough apart and roll into small balls about 1″ in size. Place the dough balls inside the plastic bag.

3. Shake the dough balls around in the plastic bag until well coated.

4. Line the dutch oven with parchment paper. This will make clean up a breeze!

5. Remove the sugary dough balls from the plastic bag and spread them out on the bottom of the parchment paper lined dutch oven.

6. Place the slices of butter evenly over top of the dough balls.

7. Cover the dutch oven and bake about 350 degrees for 30-40 minutes. Rotate the dutch oven about half way through the baking to ensure even baking.

8. When they’re done, enjoy! We even had some left over that we ate a few hours later for an afternoon snack and they still tasted delicious.

Do you like to bake outdoors inadutch oven? What are your favorite recipes?

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  1. Dutch Oven Monkey Bread Recipe (17)SPSS

    Bring your favorite monkey bread recipe to the outdoors by making it in an aluminum foil-lined Dutch oven.


  2. Dutch Oven Monkey Bread Recipe (18)ArtMoney

    I always love a little dessert after dinner, it usually doesn t matter what it is as long as it satisfies my sweet tooth. Even when out camping it is nice to have something. I have made this dutch oven monkey bread a few times and everyone has loved it. Plus it is easy to make, which is the real plus!


    • Dutch Oven Monkey Bread Recipe (19)Cara

      Hi! Can I make this on the fire at our camping site as well? Just in a cast iron pot? It looks gooood! 🔥


  3. Dutch Oven Monkey Bread Recipe (20)John

    This looks delicious! I just got a dutch oven about a week ago, and have been looking for recipes to make things with it. I’ll definitely be giving this a shot. I love monkey bread!


  4. Dutch Oven Monkey Bread Recipe (21)Johanna Parker

    Thank you for having a monkey bread camping recipe that DOESN’T USE store bought biscuit dough!!! Can’t wait to try it with my girl scouts next weekend.


  5. Dutch Oven Monkey Bread Recipe (22)Joan Duce

    Can you please provide how many coals are needed on top and bottom for the dutch oven and for how long?


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Dutch Oven Monkey Bread Recipe (2024)


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